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In Systems We Trust

Aug 22, 2023

In this episode, Marquis Murray chats with Gudrun Hofmeister, a seasoned fundraising consultant with over 15 years of experience in securing major gifts for nonprofit organizations.

During the episode, Hofmeister discussed the importance of systems and processes in nonprofit fundraising. She emphasized the significance of building relationships and having a clear vision to secure major gifts.

Hofmeister, who has managed capital campaigns, feasibility studies, and annual fund campaigns for a fundraising consulting firm for eight years before launching her own business in 2016, shared that her passion lies in securing six to seven-figure gifts for her clients. She said that these transformational gifts often come from a small group of philanthropists who provide the majority of support for nonprofits.

Hofmeister also highlighted the role of Asana, a project management tool, in their work. She explained that while Asana does not replace a CRM, it is useful in managing donor relationships and making tasks more actionable. She mentioned that they use Asana to keep track of prospective donors, manage donor data, and plan fundraising campaigns.

Discussing the future of nonprofit fundraising, Hofmeister predicted that systematization and automation would play a crucial role. She stated that people's time would be better spent on building relationships rather than handling transactional tasks, as the money comes from relationships.

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