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In Systems We Trust

Jul 25, 2023

In the latest episode of "In Systems We Trust" hosted by Marquis Murray, we sit down with Ali Schwanke, the founder of Simple Strat, a Diamond HubSpot solutions partner and B2B content marketing agency. Ali's expertise lies in sales and content marketing for B2B tech companies, and she shares three specific HubSpot strategies to grow any content platform from scratch.

In this interview, Ali dives into the application of marketing automation in business growth and provides valuable insights into its effectiveness. She also explores strategies for building and expanding content platforms and sheds light on the importance of innovative sales strategies in today's modern consumer landscape.

As a past president of the Lincoln chapter of the American Marketing Association, Ali brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the table. Her expertise has made her a sought-after speaker, marketing advisor, and podcast guest, known for her fresh ideas and strategies in HubSpot, marketing strategy, and content-driven lead generation.