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In Systems We Trust

Dec 14, 2021

"The state of your company is not a static thing." For Dennis Kelly, CEO of Postalytics, this became true a few years ago when he decided to rebrand and remarket his company. Postalytics is a software company focused on modernizing the direct mail marketing industry. In fact, they are the world's first direct mail automation tool and were recently awarded "Campaign Management Software" for 2021 by Software World.

Dennis and Marquis talk in-depth about how to create and maintain an agile environment and the solutions a company can provide by being adaptable and open.

Marquis Murray is the founder of Ditto. A management consultant company that helps organizations work smarter and more efficiently with the implementation of systems and processes. Proud Solutions Partners with Asana Solutions, TextExpander, HubSpot, Slack, and more.