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In Systems We Trust

Jul 4, 2023

In the latest episode of “In Systems We Trust,” hosted by Marquis Murray, Chloe Handelman joins as a guest. Chloe is an expert in designing custom operations strategies, processes, and systems for overburdened, purpose-driven businesses. She helps CEOs and founders prepare to sell or scale by implementing new operational tactics that save time, earn more money, and reduce stress. Chloe discusses Business Process Improvement, Change Management, Team Management Systems, and Knowledge Management Systems during the interview. Some of her proudest professional accomplishments include helping Ditto to nearly 4x their profits and cut delivery time in half by revamping the delivery process, implementing a training and communications strategy for Ditto from scratch, and implementing an interconnected knowledge management system relating SOPs to roles, departments, workflows, and technology. Tune in to hear Chloe’s insights on improving business operations.