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In Systems We Trust

Jun 20, 2023

In the latest episode of "In Systems We Trust," hosted by Marquis Murray, we welcome Gray MacKenzie, the CEO of ZenPilot. Gray is an operations nerd dedicated to helping digital agencies build healthy, productive, and profitable teams. With over a decade of experience, he has successfully streamlined operations for over 2,700 agencies and transformed ZenPilot into ClickUp's largest and highest-rated solutions partner.

During the interview, Gray will be discussing agency operations, sharing his expertise in improving quality of life for agency operators and bringing clarity to their workflows. His professional accomplishments range from driving rapid growth for GuavaBox within the HubSpot ecosystem to building their own SaaS platform, DoInbound, which now serves over 500 customers.

Gray and his team at ZenPilot are known as the Seal Team 6 of agency operations, providing meticulous project management and process development services. They analyze agency workflows, design tailored systems, train teams, and offer accurate data and insights to drive better decision-making.

Discover how ZenPilot takes the guesswork out of agency operations and helps teams achieve better results faster. Join Marquis Murray in this engaging conversation with Gray MacKenzie to learn more about streamlining agency operations, the unique approach of ZenPilot, and the core values that drive their success.

Tune in to this episode of "In Systems We Trust" to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for optimizing agency operations and enhancing team productivity.

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