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In Systems We Trust

Jan 26, 2022

Barbara supports service-based business owners who are stuck by giving them the right systems, automation, and team-building tools. By working through the layers of what building a meaningful business really means (clarity, empowerment, and organisation) she helps her clients embrace challenges, empathy, and optimism in everything they do.  A Latina with BIG global dreams, she has always been an advocate of following your heart and passions. She realized at 31 that age is just a number, and you can start over again no matter what. She quit her corporate job and started looking for ways to launch a business from home that was more relaxed, less stressful, and where she had more time for herself.  This experience was the catalyst that began her immersion into personal development, a field she is also deeply passionate about. After multiple experiences, she believes she has found her life's calling and soul purpose: coaching! Now, with her husband, they help online, service-based business owners, all over the world to step into their most productive selves too.

This podcast is sponsored by Ditto: Ditto's vision is to put an end to team burnout. They are Asana Solutions partners and help businesses optimise business workflows.